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Soulbond Talk
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Hi guys, a friend of mine has recently opened a forum for soulbonds, headmates, SCs, fictionkin, other people involved in the phenomena or just curious/supportive, and has asked me to help her advertise!

"Headspace is a no-discrimination forum geared towards freedom of speech in relation to headmates, soulbonds, multiples, and so on. We are dedicated to serious, thoughtful discussion on topics related to the headspace and those that inhabit it. We offer accounts for everyone on your system if you choose - no more sharing accounts! - and moderatorship is decided largely by the community consensus. Application is moderated for obvious reasons, but we are incredibly welcoming and looking for new members!"

Please do join up if you're interested! The more the merrier! My headmate and I will be floating around there somewhere. :P

x-posted to multiple places. Sorry if you see this twice, thrice or more times!
29th-Jul-2011 04:07 pm - Made it!

"This community exists to help those soulbonds, spirit companions, headmates, walk-ins, frontrunners etc who hail from a different era in time than the present 21st century. Often for people like these, 'modern' concepts and technology can be puzzling and difficult to understand, and it might be difficult to find someone to explain these to you. Whether you come from the 17th century or the 25th, or you're just not sure when you DO come from, feel free to ask for some help from fellow time-shocked people in figuring out just how something works, or what it really means."

Other interested/helpful people or systemmates of time-shocked persons definitely welcome. :D Please join, even if you're just going to lurk!
13th-Jul-2011 06:26 pm - Does this comm exist?
Hi guys,

Was wondering if there is a community around for soulbonds who come from different time eras to this one (whether it be historical or far in the future) and struggle with understanding some aspects of 'modern' life.

If not, someone should really make one! People could try and explain certain things to other people in ways that they might understand better than just by say, reading a Wikipedia article, haha.

Thanks in advance.
23rd-Jun-2010 02:01 am(no subject)
I've lurked for awhile around LJ soulbonding comms, and I think I've posted in a few, but not often. The name's Good, and I'm mostly posting here because I'm just... amazed (in a bad way) over something that got said about me and a friend of mine.

A soulbond in another system accused me and my friend of not existing (and being the intricate role-playing of the body owners in question). Which... really? I'm not going to mention names, and I don't want drama, but I'm just confused that someone else in my situation could make this accusation. Someone else? Sure. But another soulbond.

Has anyone else dealt with things like this from within the community? It just makes me sad that these things pass between people who have/could have to deal with it from outsiders.

Crossposted around for more replies/opinions.
27th-May-2010 02:01 pm - Hello From Gotham
Well, I see that this place isn't very active but I figure that I would give this a shot. My name is Elisabeth and I am from Batman the Animated Series - Verse. My girl also writes in my journal at times but I own this journal though. It's hard for me to think of myself as a Soulbound but I guess that's what most humans call us. My life is still on going. I'm a walk-in , rather then a Soulbound but I am hoping this could be a good place for me to meet people. I am looking for any one from the Batman the Animated Series - Verse, who is Soulbound and any one else from my family as well. My girl would like to talk to them. Or other Walk-in's as well. I am willing to talk to Comic Book related people from Batman as well but no Nolan-Verse or any other Batman-Verses please. I guess I could give it a try but I am from BTAS Verse and travel around the Batman comic book verse as well. Long story.

That's it, hope to meet some one soon.

Elisabeth Thompsan Langstrom
27th-Apr-2009 04:56 pm - Out of Jimmy's Head
Bimbo Zombie
Has anyone seen that cartoon?
I thought it might be interesting to other soul-bonders like myself. It's rather funny. Completely random and this boy has cartoon characters inside his head that he talks to.

And something about myself:

After many months of silence from my Soulbonds (if I had any at all) one randomly starts talking to me. I have no-idea why or what he wants but I do like him.
25th-Feb-2009 09:42 am - Introductory Post
Hi, I'm Nina and I'm aware of at least 5 soulbonds in my system. This is really weird for me because I never thought anyone else had the same thing happening to them. But I've been reading for a while and felt confident enough to post today.

The two I favor talking to most is Jiin (21, male, sharp and classy, responsible and super-smart), and Hagi (9, female, super-cute, girly and sweet) and the funny thing is, I think they get along the best. Jiin clashes with Mamimi (I think she's 15 maybe, and lazy, artsy, mopey too, likes to smoke and drink), Diva ( female, 20-something, depressing, vain, complains), and even Holland (male, 19, oblivious to society, loves music, adventurous and sporty). Lately I've been trying to get them to work together because their interests are clashing with my daily life, it's so troublesome. I want to be vegetarian, stop drinking and smoking and exercise, and get a new job. The only support I get is from Jiin and Holland. The others don't care at all! Anyway, I really want to talk to someone about this.
23rd-Jan-2009 07:47 am(no subject)

I'm always bad in social situations. Hi, I'm Nova Strike. ^^;

Bonds, I do have. Actually, I can pick up on a lot of them and some rarely, if ever, talk to me. Mostly because I have some G1/IDW/Movie combination of the Transformers, as well as Primus, Unicron, and Vector Prime (Whom, according to their myths, and singular entities across a multiverse, unlike everyone else).

I have 1 Insource, and I've learned fast there's many universes of her too (She's the second universe version of herself, the first moved on). Sometimes I have radar blockage with 'em, though it gets broken through a lot.

They get beer. The insource, Nova (...I'm aware; we do share the "Nova" deal, I just don't object to being called Nova or NovaCracker and she takes NS at times.) seems to have beer and shares with the others.

Unicron in the Transformers multiverse and myths is a planet eater. Mine's presently in a humasnoid/human size form (His proper body is larger than a normal planet. Definaitely bigger than Earth, he wants to add), though the Chaos Bringer seems fine and happy enough around here for now. He actually seems fond of those Swedish round flat breads... Like IKEA? That's the analogy he gave. It's round, flat, baked hard, and tastes like sourdough or a cheese crisp. He eats a LOT of thoe, so the Ikea mention may be his giving me an analogy. Unlike the show/comics/what have you, he acknowledges he's Unicron. He does not, however, act aggressive and he's fine with Primus as opposed to tearing him apart. (Probably something I'll never understand and they do perfectly.)

Speaking of, we do have Primus. He's in a similiar form and has no issue messing with the Transformers' sizes if they ask. I think it's the fact according to their Mythos, the both of them are considered gods, no idea. (Their fine with me being a totally other religion.) Primus actually doesn't come in the house, nor does Unicron. Not often. They seem to prefer spending time in the SUV.

I'm babbling. Hiding now! *Dive*
26th-Nov-2008 09:39 am - Soulbonds? Or puppets?
Bimbo Zombie
I tire of the silence of my Soulbonds. When they actually do say something to me sometimes it seems they are sucking up to me.
I have tried talking to them, but haven't really gotten much out of them. I would have to say the average time they spend talking to me would be 'very occasional'.
Last night I dicided to break the ice. I know it's a stupid question but I asked them who they would turn gay for. Once again no got no answer. (Although I think one may have said 'Colin Farrel' but that was right after I saw half of 'Minority Report'.)

And they are never just 'there'. The only time I can get them to actually do something is to plan it in advance. These don't sound like friends. More like puppets.

Are these Soulbonds? Or puppets? Are they supposed to be puppets?

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